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Global Executive Search

Firm Profile:

Founded in 2007 and headquartered in northern New Jersey, Fusion Staffing Partners is an executive search firm dedicated to the Financial, Business and Professional Services industries. Our highly diversified client partners include multinational corporations, global professional services organizations, boutique specialty corporations and early-stage start-ups

We are highly engaged and collaborative partners and have one objective with each search: delivering results

We identify exceptional talent and partner with our clients to execute their strategic goals. We have completed retained and contingent search engagements nationally in the following functional areas: Finance, Business Development, Marketing, Product, Strategy Consulting, Digital Strategy, Management Consulting, Investor Relations, Credit, Investment Research, Supply Chain/Procurement Consulting, Legal, Compliance and Data Science

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion:

We live in a world of tremendous diversity.  At Fusion Staffing Partners, equality, diversity and inclusion are part of our core values and our commitment to these values is resolute.   We are proud to work with clients who share these common values and believe that building a diverse workforce promotes innovation and builds a more just society.  We partner with our clients to identify talent that will help them execute their strategic goals of building a truly equal, diverse and inclusive workforce regardless of gender, race, culture, and sexual orientation

Executive Search Services:

  • Retained Executive Search
  • Contingent Executive Search

Executive Search Process:

Search Initiation

  • Preparatory Consultations:  During a detailed discussion, the client establishes and describes the requirements of the position, the company’s goals, characteristics and culture, the industry and competitive landscape, and all other relevant issues.  We, in turn, contribute our market insight and professional knowledge to assist the client in refining their strategic objectives.
  • Position Specifications:  In conjunction with client consultations, we prepare and submit a comprehensive position specification. The position specification will serve as the basis for initial discussions with candidates and industry contacts.  The client may or may not be disclosed, depending on the situation and client inclination.
  • Search Strategy and Research:  Directly after preparatory consultations and a formal search engagement is executed, we work to develop a search strategy that is most likely to identify the ideal candidate.  We conduct in-depth market analysis, evaluate competitive intelligence (including analyzing competitor staffing strategies) and utilize various internal and external research sources to develop a preliminary candidate target list.

Research Sources

  • Global contact network spanning multiple industry sectors
  • Relationships and contacts from prior search engagements
  • Our internal database
  • External research resources

Search Engagement

  • Prospective Candidate Identification: The most crucial phase of a search is identifying strong prospects.  Through proactive research and by leveraging our wide range of industry contacts, we identify prospective candidates within a concise timeframe.  Detailed reports on all prospective candidates are sent to the client.  These reports contain complete background information including the candidate’s qualifications, current position and responsibilities as well as our opinion on his or her potential fit.
  • Preliminary Candidate Interviews:  As the search progresses, we hold face-to-face meetings with potential candidates to assess their qualifications and motivation.  Face-to-face meetings are held onsite, at a third-party location or via video conference.
  • Reference Checking: We conduct preliminary confidential references on all candidates.  We contact people who are intimately acquainted with the candidate on a professional level.  Through the reference check we strive to understand and assess the candidate’s management competency, operational ability, integrity and interpersonal characteristics.
  • Client/Candidate Meetings:  We arrange meetings between the client and the lead candidates.  Clients are fully briefed in advance about candidates; candidates are fully briefed on client requirements, expectations, demands of the position and company culture.   It is essential that each party is carefully prepared if the meetings are to produce effective results.
  • Post-Meeting Assessments:  Directly following the client interviews, we update the client and candidates on their respective feedback and expectations.  We work with the client to rate the candidates against each essential feature of the specification and to assist the client in forming cogent conclusions.

Engagement Close

  • Offer Negotiation: During the negotiation process, we assist in contract and compensation negotiations, obtain any additional formal references required and advise on any other relevant issues. Our unique market knowledge is invaluable to the client during this delicate negotiation phase and our intimate knowledge of the interests of both the client and candidate benefits all parties leading to a successful negotiation and final acceptance of the offer.
  • Follow-Up Engagement:  We remain engaged after an offer is accepted.  We regularly serve as a liaison to resolve any outstanding issues, and to make the transition as smooth as possible.  We strive to establish a long-term relationship with the client and candidate.

We appreciate your business and pride ourselves on building long-term relationships